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The Crocodile Islands Rangers team – March 2015


Fabian Gaykamangu

Ranger – Fabian Gaykamangu

“I’m a Ranger for life.  This is my favorite job and I always work hard to protect our country and help my community.  My favourite work is killing weeds – especially Gmelina trees.  Gmelina trees are taking over my country – they are everywhere.  I love to see all the good work I have done and the native plants growing back.”


Neil150Ranger – Neil Djandjan

“My favourite thing is to watch animal documentaries.  I really like that old man – David Attenborough.   I used to look after dogs as an Animal Management Worker, now I’m a full time Ranger.  I like educating our community about animals.  I also like to get rid of feral animals like buffalo. They do a lot of damage to our billabongs and animals.  When we kill them we can also provide protein for our communities.”

Adrian Bandalmiwuy

Ranger – Adrian Bandalmiwuy






Ranger – Jarrod Gingiri

“I have just graduated from school, and I’ve always wanted to be a Ranger. It’s an interesting outdoor job and Rangers educate the community how to take care of the environment. So I’m happy where I am now.”




JasonRanger – Jason Mewala






GerardRanger – Gerard Morgan






SolodiRanger – Solodi Buthungguliwuy






Ranger – Doreen Collins


Ranger – Zack Yarran



MilayCultural Advisor – George Milaypuma






– Dan Watson

Simone McMonigal

Program Coordinator & Communications – Simone McMonigal


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The Crocodile Islands Rangers program is supported through funding from the Australian Government.

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Program Coordinator and Communications
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