Gurriba Island – Targeting Weeds on a Remote Island Sanctuary

With the assistance of a National Landcare Programme 25th Anniversary Landcare Grant, the Crocodile Islands Rangers have been targeting the invasive weed “Caltrop” on remote Gurriba Island.

Gurriba Island, which has been declared a Turtle Sanctuary by the Traditional Owners, is a special nesting place for birds and turtles. Unfortunately, the invasive weed Caltrop, which has large, sharp seeds, has become established around the island. Previously, the Rangers walked around and handpulled Caltrop whenever they visited the island (only a few times a year). However, it was apparent that this approach would not have a big impact on reducing the weeds.

fabian_caltropThe Landcare Grant has enabled the Rangers to take over a quadbike (by helicopter) and weed spraying equipment, chemicals, and other field equipment (by boat), so they now have a greater capacity to target this weed. They have another trip lined up later this year, where they will use their new barge to take over more equipment to establish a base, from which they will be able to continue fighting this weed into the future.

quadbike_gurribaThey have also made posters for the community, to share their story and continue to engage the community in fighting this invasive weed.



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