Milingimbi Cane Toad Bust

The Crocodile Islands Rangers, with the help of the local community, have been mounting a targeted attack on cane toads across Milingimbi Island, with over 3,000 toads collected in just three nights!

Ranger Fabian catching a cane toad at the Millingimbi cane toad bust

Ranger Fabian catching a cane toad.

The Rangers recently gave a presentation at Milingimbi School to inform and educate the community about cane toads, the importance of not transporting toads to other islands, and what to do if you find one. Following this, during the September school holidays the Rangers coordinated a community cane toad bust, with generous prizes donated by ALPA and the Rangers. The family that won the major prize collected over 400 toads in just three nights!

Cane toads need to drink water every five days or so, and Milingimbi only has a few freshwater sources during the dry season. For the second year running the Rangers have built cane toad proof fences (complete with native animal gates) around these major freshwater sources, and have been patrolling these at night to collect the toads that gather at the fences.

Rangers installing a cane toad fence

Rangers installing a cane toad fence around the main billabong

A final tally of the toads collected this dry season is still ongoing, however the Rangers and community have already collected well over 4,000 toads. Although it will take several years to fully develop a methodology to wipe out cane toads from Milingimbi Island, the number of toads removed this bust will ensure less toads during the next wet season, which means more native frogs and other wildlife, and has also demonstrated the commitment of the community to this valuable project.



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