Track across Rapuma Island

Rapuma Island is one of the secret gems of the Crocodile Islands. Inside the island lies many billabongs that are wet for only half the year, and sacred ancient wells which are part of the creation stories for this land. There is an old World War II plane wreck that is yet to be explored, and there is even an old school right in the middle of the island, that was once used by the Gurryindi and Gamalangga clan groups who resided here.

WW2 plane wreck on Rapuma
Ranger Fabian recording the location of a piece of WWII plane wreck.

The Traditional Owners requested the Rangers to clear an overgrown track across the island, to assist with access to camping beaches on both sides. In March 2014 the Rangers worked solidly over 9 days with chainsaws, shovels, saws and secateurs to clear the track and make it accessible for quad bikes again.

Clearing bush track across Rapuma
Rangers clearing the track across Rapuma Island.

Since clearing the track, the improved access has made it much easier for the Rangers to remove Caltrop (the predominant weed on the island), as well as to access and maintain the camping sites on both sides of the island.



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